Our Germantown, MD psychologists and therapists are trained and highly experienced in establishing rapport and using different types of therapy for a variety of psychiatric conditions. They provide treatment that is focused on the individual needs of the patient, making every effort to reach desirable and identifiable outcomes.


Frequently Asked Questions about Psychotherapy

In addition to helping with common psychiatric diagnoses, psychotherapy can benefit people going through everyday life struggles.

Our therapists use multiple therapeutic strategies including supportive, cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal psychotherapy.

Depending on the issues present and the goals identified, you and your therapist will discuss what would be an ideal length of your treatment

Psychotherapy is covered by most insurance plans, however, we recommend checking with your insurance plan to confirm.  

Therapy can be short or long term depending on the issues being addressed and the established goals. 


Generally speaking, one would be able to gain more insight into one’s thought patterns and behaviors affecting functioning and relationships. Learning coping skills is another goal of therapy.

If you start feeling that your emotions have changed including feeling sad, nervous, not being able to engage with others, having relationship issues, dealing with a loss, or other stressors; you may want to consider therapy. During your first visit, the therapist will discuss if it is appropriate for you and what kind of modalities will help you the best.

Your sessions with a therapist are confidential. The only times a therapist may have to disclose information is when it is legally mandated or in cases of the potential risk of self-harm, harm to others, or child abuse.

Your therapist may want to review your clinical issues with other practitioners after a discussion with you.